Visible Break Transformers

Partner Technologies offers an innovative visible break feature for padmount transformers equipped with two-position loadbreak switches. The result is an increase to employee safety and a potential decrease to costs.

The visible break feature allows operators to verify contact position through a sealed viewing window. The large viewing area shows the open/close position of the loadbreak switch. The key interlock features on PTI’s Visible Break Transformer provide the operator safe access to the viewing window while the unit is energized.

As a result of these optimized safety features, operators feel more secure when performing maintenance work. Depending on local electrical code, the viewing features on PTI’s Visible Break Transformer may eliminate the need for a separate switch upstream, therefore saving costs. PTI can also provide a low voltage breaker giving the customer a complete unit substation package. For mining duty or other applications PTI can supply a detachable skid base. The Visible Break Transformer design is compliant with CSA and IEEE manufacturing standards. PTI’s vision for innovative transformer technology is increasing its customers’ safety and saving them money.

The Power of Green Energy

Partner Technologies manufactures visible break padmount transformers in kVA sizes matched to individual solar power conversion output for projects that are being built across North America. The output voltage of the inverters are typically 208v, 480v, 600v, or 1000 volts. The transformer steps this up to the collector voltage which is usually 5kV, 15kV, 25kV, or 34.5kV.

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